Rating Scale

Note: I am usually pretty generous with my ratings, but here is a description of what each rating means! Also, I rate for readability and entertainment factor, not the more specific things, like the writing or the figurative language. Though, if the writing is horrible that story will NOT be getting a good score from me!

5 Smileys = This book is AWESOME and you should read it immediately!

4 Smileys = This book was pretty good and you should definitely add it to your to-read list!

3 Smileys = Read this book if you have nothing else to read, but don't expect too much from it.

2 Smileys = I didn't even have a picture for this one; I had to make it just for this page. (I'm usually pretty good at picking out books) But if I give one this score, avoid it. You may not die from reading it, but it will not be fun.

1 Smiley = AVOID AT ALL COST.  YOU COULDN'T PAY ME TO READ THIS. I don't normally give books this score because I'm pretty generous with ratings, but this book will be horrible. You will probably die from boredom or the sheer horribleness of it or both.

0 Smileys = How dare you call yourself a book! I've read the papers I wrote in    1st grade and they were way better than this! (This is extremely mean, but sometimes it just has to happen.)

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