Friday, November 16, 2012

Midnight City by J. Barton Mitchell

I fell in love with Midnight City by J. Barton Mitchell when I read the very first page. And I stayed in love with it to the very end.

            When the world was taken over by aliens, all of the people over 18 succumbed to the Tone and were abducted by the aliens…
Holt Hawkins hunts people. He’s a bounty hunter and one person has a surprisingly large sum of money on her head: Mira Toombs. In a world where aliens rule and people get possessed by the Tone, the call the aliens use to lure in human beings, people can be guilty of anything. But Holt doesn’t care about the why of the price on her head; he just wants the money. After capturing Mira, Holt encounters Zoey, a little girl he rescues from a crashed alien ship. There’s something different about her, but Holt can’t decide exactly what that is. As the trio battles though endless obstacles to return Mira to her city, which also happens to be one of the last human strongholds in North America, they become comrades rather than prisoners and warden. When they finally make it to Midnight City, Holt discovers why Mira was so wanted and that things are a lot more complicated than he ever expected. Will Holt and Mira survive being attacked by the aliens? More importantly, will they be able to survive through the human attacks?

            My favorite part, by far, was the characters. They were perfect. Absolutely perfect. First, let’s talk about Holt. Holt is Heedless, so he is immune to the Tone. He was my favorite character, no doubt. First of all, he loves his dog, Max, so much that he risks his life several times to save him. I would do the same thing for my dog. I SERIOUSLY LOVE MY DOG AND SO DOES HE! Plus, he is a GENIUS! He is probably the smartest person that I have ever read about. Actually, I guess he’s more clever than smart, but still he was really smart/clever. I don’t even know how Mitchell came up with some of these things, but they amazed me! Holt is adorable with Zoey. For example, in one scene he teaches her to waltz and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. Well, besides my dog. J Other than that, he’s always prepared, a little OCD, and totally amazing….
            Mira is pretty much just as amazing as Holt, except in girl form. They are evenly matched in everything: wits, strength, cleverness, and intelligence. But they aren’t the same person, really. You can tell that the reason for this is NOT that Mitchell can only write one kind of character; it’s because they’re perfect for each other, so they share some similar qualities. There is no macho man out to save the little damsel in distress; Mira saves Holt plenty of times, too. Holt doesn’t treat Mira like something delicate to be coddled, and he views her as a complete equal. Oh, and by the way, Mira is months away from being taken over by the Tone and being abducted by aliens…

            This plot line was so intense! I couldn’t stop reading it! I had o know what happened next! There were moments when I literally could not stop smiling, even after I stopped reading and I’m pretty sure my mom thought I was slightly crazy. Some parts of this book were so cleverly crafted I couldn’t help but be impressed, and sometimes astounded, by it. I couldn’t find any plot holes and the whole thing was really realistic. When the characters were in a situation, it tackled all of the problems presented; it didn’t just conveniently ignore a problem to make the plot simpler. Every event in the book meshed really well together and it turned out to be a fabulous read in the end!

            Mitchell did really well at creating a strong female heroine and he also did a good job making a strong male hero. All of the characters were so in depth and lovable that I couldn’t help but be totally immersed in the story from line one!

This book was AMAZING!! 5 Smileys!

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