Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outpost (Razorland #2) by Ann Aguirre

         I read Outpost by Ann Aguirre about three weeks ago (which is forever ago in my brain) so this review might be a little rusty. Just a bit. 

        Deuce, Fade, Stalker, and Tegan have just arrived at Salvation, a small community protected from the Freaks by a huge wooden wall. Fade and Tegan seem to fit in perfectly, but Deuce and Stalker have a bit more trouble assimilating; Deuce because of the community's strict gender roles and Stalker just because he's difficult and slightly feral. Fade has begun to... well, fade away (THAT PUN Haha) from Deuce and become more distant. With the summer quickly approaching, Deuce, Fade, and Stalker all sign up for the summer patrol to protect the farmlands outside of the city walls. They quickly discover that the Freaks are getting smarter, plus they have yet to find the most terrifying thing of all. Will Deuce and her friends survive outside of the city walls? Or will the ever-developing Freaks finally conquer them once and for all?

         From what I remember, Deuce was an okay character. She didn't blow me out of the water, but I didn't hate her, either. Once again, Deuce has an obsession with her being a Huntress (or lack of being one, I guess). However, in the first book it says the word "Huntress" about 300 times per page, but in this one it was only, like, 100. Much more manageable. I must admit, though, she is an incredibly strong and brave character and she never caves under the pressure of the gender role that was expected of her. 

        Fade was, of course, once again amazing. He is so sweet and more loyal than a dog. That's pretty dang loyal. The only thing about him that annoyed me was that *semi-spoiler alert, but not really* when his adopted father whipped him all the time, he didn't tell anyone about it. I mean, maybe that shows his strength or maybe that shows his weakness, I'm not really sure which. 

      The story was sometimes a bit boring, but other times it was full of action and suspense. When Deuce is in the town, it's kind of boring because she doesn't really do anything. She pretty much goes to school, eats, spars, then sleeps. Not that exciting. But then when everything happens with the Freaks, it was really exciting, so it kind of balanced itself out. Like in the first book, the writing wasn't very flowery, which was actually a good thing. The narrator (Deuce) is not very well-educated and she basically ate violence and suffering for breakfast, so it would make sense that she wouldn't have a fancy mindset; it would be much more harsh and brutal, which was definitely what the writing portrayed. 

This book had a good story and a fairly good set of characters, though at some points it was a tad slow.

I liked this book! 4 Smileys!!

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