Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, the sequel to The Raven Boys, was every bit as magical as the first book in The Raven Cycle series. I LOVED The Raven Boys and I loved this one just as much! Admittedly, I read about 13% of it before taking a two-month hiatus. Stupid college, messing up my reading schedule!! But even though I was extremely confused when I first restarted (I couldn’t really remember what had happened in the first book or the beginning of the second), I was drawn in, nonetheless. It takes pretty awesome writing to keep me reading and interested even when I don’t know what is going on (Don’t worry though, I quickly remembered everything else) and I finished the rest of it in just two days!

This will be a short summary because I can’t really remember how it started and it’s hard to explain the latter part of the book without giving everything away, but I shall try my hardest!
            After Adam woke the ley lines surrounding Cabeswater, the town of Henrietta has been experiencing electrical surges and outages, Adam has been seeing strange visions, and Noah has been blinking in and out of consciousness/existence. Gansey and the gang continue searching for Glendower, but are immensely surprised when they discover that Cabeswater, their only lead on Glendower’s location, has vanished. What’s more, Ronan has been falling even deeper into his dreams, pulling out larger, more terrifying things. This book focuses a lot more on Ronan, his dreams, and the people that are after him because of what he can do. Ronan also discovers that there is someone else just like him, though perhaps not exactly like him…

            I love Blue and Gansey together. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!! But alas, they are star-crossed lovers, doomed to a dark fate. Oh, woe is me! But anyway, they are definitely my favorites because Blue is so real, funny, and grounded, while Gansey is more whimsical, classy, and dreamy and they compliment each other really well (and may I just say that Gansey and I are literally the exact same person… like exactly… but not in family circumstance, just in personality…). In this book, I didn’t like Adam. Like at all. In the last book, I thought he was really adorable and all, but I just wasn’t feeling him in this book. I warmed up a lot to Ronan, though, and could actually tolerate and maybe even like him by the end of this second book. It must be a miracle! But Noah again didn’t play a very large role, but his interactions with Blue had to be the cutest thing I have ever read/seen. Ever. BLAH I GET HAPPY JUST THINKING ABOUT THEM TOGETHER IT’S SO CUTE I’M GONNA DIE!

            I was drawn into the story immediately (once I started rereading it) and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. All of the characters were, once again, written so realistically and there were times that I actually laughed out loud. There were also times when I couldn’t stop smiling and making little “aw” sounds during the cute moments. I love the big words that Stiefvater uses, especially when Gansey talks because, instead of making it sound forced and unnatural, it actually makes it more realistic. Gansey is a preppy, smart, politician-raised boy who I would imagine uses those exact words. Plus, I get to learn a little new vocabulary J Another amazing thing was the character transformations. Ronan in particular went through an enormous change throughout the book and it as amazing to see how much he changed by the end. I liked how he changed little by little; there wasn’t a moment where it was just like BAM he’s a changed man! It took time and he made plenty of mistakes along the way, but he got through it and ended up a better person, which is how I think it happens in real life.

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the next book!! I’m dying in anticipation!! The ending was really good (and am I sensing a little Adam-Ronan action possibly?) and I’m really excited about what this series will bring in the future!

I LOVE this series!! 5 Smileys!!!

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