Sunday, July 8, 2012

Faerie Tales: The Misfortune of a Teenage Socialite by Brandi Salazar

Oh, what to say about this book? I really don't know what to say, but I shall try.          

           Valerie Williams has always had an east life: Her parents gave her all the money she could possibly want, she has the hottest boyfriend in the school, and she is the one that everyone wants to be. All is going smoothly until her mother tells her that she must get a job and that she already has one planned out where she works. Val never thought to ask what her mother did, but she was about to find out, and when she did, she couldn’t believe it: her mother was a tooth fairy, as she now was. And her trainer was no one other than the Goth boy in her class, Rick. She feels drawn to him because, she finds out later, that they are soul mates, put together by the company. But then there’s Vince: tall, dark, and handsome. He is also vying for her attention, not to mention that Val already has a boyfriend. As Val struggles with her impulses, she does some crazy things that she isn’t so sure she can come back from.

            Alright, first let’s talk about Val. In the beginning, she is totally self-centered, vain, and shallow, until she meets Rick. She falls in love with Rick all while having a boyfriend, who she cheats on with Rick. Calvin only breaks up with her later when he sees her wings, then wants to get back with her. I don’t really understand why he would because Val really isn’t very interesting or nice. Then Rick, who is actually a really good guy, falls for her then they start going out, then she’s reassigned to someone else and about a day or so after meeting him, she makes out with him. Then she just thinks, Well I’m already in trouble, so why not do whatever I want, and then she sleeps with him. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? This girl has some serious mental issues and I suppose she admits that, so I guess this is a book about a crazy person, or at least I hope so because if it isn’t then that’s kind of sad. Really, the only good character in this book was Rick.

            Despite the vapid protagonist, I did like the story. I thought that it got a little ridiculous at times, but I still felt pulled into the story. The writing, however, was a completely different story. Whoever was the editor of this book should be fired immediately. There were times when she used the wrong form of the word, such as “threw” for the word “through” and “meat” instead of the word “meet.” These are actual examples. Then, there were times that she didn’t even use the right names for the characters! One time she used the name Victor when she was actually talking about Vince and the name Ashley when she was actually talking about Jessica. That was a serious problem.

            The ending of the story was quite good and I thought it was really sweet. She ends up with the guy that I wanted her to, so that was good. Really, the ending was darling. I know that it sounds like I really hated this book, but I didn’t. It was just that there were a few problems that I wanted to rant about, so I did. I really did get caught up in the story because I wanted to see what this crazy girl was going to do next, even if I was screaming at her the whole way.

This book was crazy. 3 Smileys!

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