Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I could describe Cinder in a few short words. However, I think that I will bore you all to death by telling you in a longer way and explaining what I thought of it in more words. Don't worry, I'll try to make this fun, okay? As always, I will start off with a brief explanation of the setting:
      It's 126 years after WW IV and Asia has been pretty much banded together as the Eastern Commonwealth and is ruled by an emperor. There is also a plague spreading and there is no cure. Every person who contracts it dies and millions of people are dying. The current emperor just happens to have this plague, so much of the palace's funds are going towards research for a cure. There is also another threat to humanity, too. They're called the Lunar. They came from humans who lived on the moon, but they evolved so much so that they are far from human. They can manipulate others' brains into making them see, hear, and feel whatever they want them to feel. It is a very powerful weapon and the Queen of the Lunar is threatening to start a war with Earth, one that they are positive that they would win. Earth has certainly gotten itself into a pickle, now hasn't it?

Now, my favorite characters:
     CINDER!! Cinder is a cyborg, a human so injured during an accident that she needed new parts of her body. New mechanical parts. She is 36.28% not-human. Cyborgs are disrespected in society and that does not exclude Cinder, even though she is the most renowned mechanic in New Beijing. She has a step-mother, Adri, one evil step-sister, Pearl, and one not-so-evil step-sister, Peony. Cinder is really funny and she uses sarcasm excellently (which I fully appreciate). She never lets anyone step all over her and she's not some stupid love-struck girl with no brain. She thinks and she's fully capable to do anything she wants.
    Now for Kai. He's the prince of the Eastern Commonwealth and his father is sick with the plague, so he knows that he will be emperor some day soon and he dreads that day. Kai doesn't want to have his childhood wrenched away from him and there is pressure on him to get married. To Queen Levana, the Queen of the Lunar, but Kai wants to marry for love, not for power or money. Actually, he doesn't really want to get married at all. At least, not yet...

Now why I loved Cinder:
   Both of the characters were hilarious and I love it when books are funny :) Also, I felt really connected with the characters and the characters' emotions flowed through me as I read this. I can't really explain to you why I particularly loved this book. There's just something about it that I absolutely loved and I CANNOT WAIT for the next book. READ THIS BOOK AND LOVE IT!


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