Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Twisted (Intertwined #3) by Gena Showalter

Twisted, the third installment of the Intertwined series by Gena Showalter, begins with Victoria and Aden alone in a cave and they are going crazy. I won't explain the setting or the characters like I normally do because if you're reading this review, you've probably read the series. If not, read the series and then come back. Or don't read the other books. I don't really care. Anyway, the first... one hundred?.... pages of the book is incredibly boring and confusing. I didn't really know what was going on, but I just went with the flow and didn't really question it, as most people would have. It was just a jumble of confusing thoughts and actions. I think that it was supposed to be this way to show that they were going crazy, but one must do it a certain way to really achieve the right effect and I don't think that Showalter has quite mastered that yet.
       Besides the first one hundred pages, this book was okay. Once Aden returns to his kind-of-normal self, the story gets better, but I never really liked Aden or Victoria to begin with. My favorite character by far is Mary Ann and close behind her is Riley. Neither one of them is mentioned enough in this book for me to really enjoy it. There are a couple parts where they are the main focus, but Victoria and Aden are shown a lot more. And of course Mary Ann and Riley grow farther apart, while Aden and Victoria grew closer. Figures. And two of my other favorite characters die. I'm not going to tell which ones, but just know that I am not happy about it.
       The story line was predictable in most spots, but there were a couple surprises thrown in there. I didn't really notice anything particularly good or bad about the actual writing except in the first one hundred pages, which actually isn't that much of the book. It is nearly 600 pages. If you love the series, read this one, too. If you don't particularly love the series, I would say not to. The choice is yours.

Overall, this book was okay, so I give it 3 smileys. 

P.S. This also proves that I don't give a 5 to every book I read. Only the really good ones ;)

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