Saturday, April 7, 2012

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

I am not sure how to describe this book, but I will try as hard as I can. It is hard because of this book's awesomeness and.....well, awesomeness. The world is as follows:
     Dwellers live in big buildings called Pods. They never leave them. Farms, food, everything is located in these Pods and there are many all around the world, each run by powerful men called Consuls. So many people staying in one building for their entire lives must go crazy, right? Wrong. Well, sort of wrong. Everyone has a small computer-type thing that goes over their left eyes, called a Smarteye. From these Smarteyes the Dwellers can enter the Realms, virtual places where everything feels real. One minute someone can be on the beach soaking up the virtual sun and then with just a thought, he can be transported to the top of a mountain. Everything feels real in these Realms and the Dwellers spend all their time there. 
     Outside of the Pods live the Outsiders. The Savages. The Cannibals. These are people who live outside and the Dwellers do not know anything about them except for the myths and the legends that they have been told. What they hadn't been told was that some of the Outsiders had special powers, called Senses. Some had a dominant sense, such as super-good hearing or sight or smell. There are also Aether storms on the outside. Aether is a type of blue fire that constantly churns in the sky, always threatening to wipe out everyone and everything in its path. Recently, the Aether storms have grown more powerful, are becoming more violent, and destroying more than ever. This is a threat to not only the Outsiders, but to the Dwellers, as well. What would they do if their Pods were broken and had to live in the real world rather that the virtual one? And can so much virtualization be good for anyone?

     I really can't introduce them separately. Aria and Perry. So different, yet I love them both. Aria is a Dweller. Perry is a Savage. He also has two Senses: smell and sight. He can see long distances, as well as being able to see at night, and he can also smell tempers. How someone feels. Aria isn't so comfortable with that, but he is the only chance she has to survive since she was banished from her Pod because she knew too much. They couldn't be more different and Perry couldn't want to love her less, and vice versa. But he does. She does. He loves a Dweller, but he knows that he can't be with her. She needs to get back to her Pod and her mother. She loves a Savage, but she knows that he has to keep his blood line pure. He needs to be with girl who has powerful smell. A Scire, as they're called. But true love always conquers, right? Right?

Random stuff about this book being AMAZING:
    The love between Aria and Perry was precious. There's really no other way to describe it. They were just so cute and it was so real and raw that I just loved their love. There's that nameless something about this book that struck me to the core and made me devour this book in one sitting. It was entertaining, funny at parts, sad at parts, and lovely at others. There was also another character that made this book awesome: Roar, Perry's best friend. He was so funny and he was the comic of the book. He made a joke of nearly everything, but he could be serious when he had to be. He was also sweet and awesome. I'm saying awesome a lot, but that's what this book is. READ THIS BOOK, READ IT NOW!! Actually, maybe you shouldn't read it just yet. Wait until about December or something because the sequel, Through the Ever Night is not expected to come out until 2013. You will NEED the second book the second you finish Under the Never Sky. You will want it so badly that you will feel physically sick. I know I did.


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