Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MORE by T.M. Franklin

I thought that MORE by T.M. Franklin was very entertaining. The story line was great!

Growing up, Ava Michaels always thought she was special. But once she was old enough, she accepted the fact that she was just like everyone else, but for one thing: the nightmares of the large man with two different colored eyes. Now in college, Ava is content with her life, except for physics; she’s nearly failing. When she is set up with a tutor, Caleb Foster, all she expects is a good grade in physics, but he introduces her to a whole new world; one that she may be a larger part of than anyone expects. There are people after Ava and she doesn’t even know why, but Caleb may know more than he lets on. Will she learn to flourish in her new surroundings, or will she drown? Or will she be killed before she even has a chance?

            Ava, the main character, was completely sensible, not like some other YA heroines I can think of. And she was normal; she was attending college on a scholarship and working, unlike the rich characters in most of the current YA literature. She wasn’t stupid and was pretty good at figuring things out herself; she didn’t need someone to tell her everything that was going on. Also, she wasn’t a wimp. She killed a guy. That is no activity for the wimpy, I’ll tell you that much. Oh, and she didn’t automatically trust the “love interest,” nor did she fall in love with him right away. Speaking of the “love interest,”(I shall not name him so you won’t know who he is!) he was even better than Ava. He knew and understood his responsibilities and he didn’t let his feelings get in the way of his life. He was also hilarious, and that goes a long way with me. The secondary characters were likable, as well, I thought.

            The plot went at a pretty standard rate, not too fast, not too slow, and I got caught up in it nearly right away. I wanted to keep reading it all day, but school got in the way (how dare you, school?!?). But the thing that I did not like about this book was its lack of artistic writing. I don’t think there was any figurative language in there at all; it was kind of like, “she did this,” and, “he did that.” I don’t normally notice these things in books, but I really noticed that in this book. The writing was all sort of… bland. Also, there was one instance where it said on one page that it was Friday night, then the on the next page it said it was Saturday night (and I know that it was supposed to say Friday night the second time- it didn’t actually change days). However, the plot makes this book definitely worth the read because I really wanted to know what would happen next and most of the time, I had no clue what that would be!

Overall, I really liked this book! 4 Smileys!

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