Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

When I first heard about The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, I was so excited. It sounded amazing and I couldn't wait to read it! I am SO GLAD I got this book because it was SPECTACULAR!

          Blue Sargent was always told by her psychic family that, if she kissed her true love, he would die. When Blue sees a spirit of one who will die within the next year, she is quite surprised; normally she, the only non-psychic member of her family, could not see any of the spirits. Her aunt tells her that she can see him because he is either her true love or she is destined to kill him. When she discovers that this boy is Gansey, a rich, overprivileged boy that attends Aglionby, the local all-boys private school, Blue can't imagine falling in love with him. She's much more attracted to his quiet, scholarship friend, Adam. Even his strange friend, Noah, would be better! But it's Ronan, Gansey's other friend, that she absolutely can't stand. Gansey may seem superficial and petty on the outside, but he's looking for something that could change the world and forever change the life of the one that finds it. As Blue grows ever more attached to their quest, their lives intertwine more and more. Will Blue kill Gansey? Or will it be just the opposite?

      Blue, who I consider to be one of the best main characters, is awesome. She cracks me up! There was one particular scene involving Blue, Gansey, and the subject of prostitution that I found completely hilarious. She was also very sensible and she led by her mind, not her heart or hormones, which was refreshing to see in a YA book. Gansey was largely misunderstood and could insult anyone without even trying, which got him into some very bad situations, but also some very funny situations. It was nice that he wasn't perfect (at all) and he seemed really real. Actually all of the characters were really convincing and real. Anyway, Adam was adorable, like a puppy. I wanted to take him home with me; I felt so bad for him (for reasons that you will see when, not if, you read this)! Noah, though he had a kind of small part in this book, was cool, too, especially around Blue. Even Ronan, as harsh and sometimes just-plain-mean as he could be, rubbed off on me by the end. Overall, all of the characters were AMAZING!

     At first, The Raven Boys was really confusing. I didn't really know what was going on, but I just kept going; not knowing the details didn't really bother me too much, but eventually, it made a lot more sense and it was really good. The reactions between Blue and the boys were priceless; the story was AMAZING and HILARIOUS when they were all together. I'm really looking forward to the next book because they will be friends for the entire book and the WHOLE THING will be FREAKING AWESOME. I seriously loved this book. I COULDN'T STOP READING IT EVER. I wanted it to go on and on forever (I am extremely sad that it didn't)! It was full of suspense and the plot was really interesting. I found the whole idea for the book (looking for a lost king that may or may not come back to life when they find him and grant the finder a wish) incredibly intriguing. 

      Overall, this book had awesome characters, an awesome plot, and awesome writing. But my favorite part was definitely the characters! I fell in love with every single one of them by the end!

If you choose one book to read this fall, read this one! It was AWESOMETASTIC! 5 Smileys!

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