Friday, June 15, 2012

The Golden Lily (Bloodlines #2) by Richelle Mead

Oh. My. God. I just finished The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead and I am literally hyperventilating. THIS BOOK WAS SO AMAZING AHHHHH! I want the next one so badly! That is why it is a tragedy that this book just came out three days ago and I am already done reading it. Do you know how long I’ll have to wait for the next book? Probably over a year! That will be pure torture. 
            The Golden Lily picks up where the first book, Bloodlines, left off: Sydney is going to school with Jill, Eddie, and a new addition, Angeline. Adrian now has his own apartment, but it is being used for experimenting. Dimitri Belikov and Sonya Karp have come to see what it is that cause people who have been restored from a Strigoi resistant to changing back into one. And Sydney is taking a dive into the dating world, going out with her “perfect match,” Brayden, who is a genius and exactly like Sydney. Meanwhile, Sydney’s teacher is trying to force her into using magic even though it is against everything she believes in and there are vampire hunters trying to kill Sonya because they still think she’s Strigoi. Sydney must deal with all of this and stay caught up on homework. It should be easy, right?
            The hands-down best part of this book is Adrian. He is amazing and he is in my top 3 favorite characters in a book. He might even be #1. He is hilariously funny. I seriously burst out laughing at least 20 times from something he said. I like how no one really expects much from him and they think that he’s just some lazy loser, but he is actually really fantastic, smart, and caring. Plus, he’s good-looking, which never hurts either J Sydney is also a good character and she’s funny too, but not as funny as Adrian. I could really relate to Sydney and Mead did a really fantastic job developing all of her characters, much as she did in the Vampire Academy series (which is another treasure).
            The plot was splendid and I liked how it focused on Adrian sometimes (are you surprised?), but not too much. It was part action, part romance, and part mystery, which I think is a good combination. I also liked how Sydney began questioning the Alchemists (frankly, I would have questioned them a lot sooner) and lightened up around the Moroi. I thought Sydney was a lot more enjoyable in The Golden Lily, but I also liked her in Bloodlines.
            Okay, well, I don’t have anything else to say about this book other than it was FANTASTIC. If you haven’t read Bloodlines, do so immediately. If you haven’t read the Vampire Academy series, then read that one sooner than immediately because it is really awesome and you really should read that series before this one because they overlap. SO READ VAMPIRE ACADEMY THEN READ THE BLOODLINES SERIES. IT WILL BE THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR READING LIFE.


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