Saturday, June 2, 2012

Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

As you all know (or don’t know) I am in love with Divergent. It is seriously my favorite book in the history of forever. Going into its sequel, Insurgent, I was so excited I thought my face was going to fall off (I don’t know how those two things are related, but they are. Somehow.). And it didn’t disappoint me. Yay for Veronica Roth! I must say that the sequel was not as good at Divergent, but then again, sequels never are, but as far as a sequel goes, this is one of the best ones that I have ever read.
            Insurgent starts off just moments after the first book ended (which I liked) with Tris, Tobias, Marcus, Caleb, and Peter all sitting on the train together. Dauntless has split into two, the loyal Dauntless and the traitor Dauntless, which close to side with the Erudite in the “war.” While society may be crumbling before their eyes, they must stay strong. However, Peter defects to Erudite and Tobias must put up with his abusive father, Marcus. Tris knows that the Erudite did not begin this war to solely overthrow the government. Marcus tells her that there was a piece of information that their leader, Jeanine, did not want to get out. But what could be so important that she would start a war just to contain it, and that both Tris’ mother and father would and did give their lives for? Tris must find this out, but she may have to go behind the backs of those she loves to do it and lie to those she loves most.
            First, I shall talk about the plot. It was amazingly awesome. It continued to surprise me time and again. There were a few moments when I could not even believe what was happening. This book stunned me and left me speechless. It was tremendous, awe-inspiring, astounding, breathtaking, and splendid (I just looked up synonyms for awesome. Teehee.). The plot twists were incredible and they added a lot of layers to the story. As always, Roth's writing was beautiful. There were profound realizations and incredible conflicts that her characters had to overcome, and she included dynamic characters.
            Tris continues to be awesome. Here are my reasons previously stated in my review of Divergent: “Tris is small and fragile-looking, but she can kick anyone’s butt. She never let’s anyone conquer her or affect her and she knows how to let go of bad memories. She also says things how they are. She is not disillusioned and she knows the truth about people, despite her sheltered upbringing. She is similar to me in this way, so I connected with her immediately. She is a realist; she doesn’t have some unreachable dream that she could never reach; she knows that nothing is perfect, yet she is content with what she has. Tris is definitely my favorite heroine of all time because, among other things, I can connect with her the most. However, she is also strong, she knows how to act in the presence of fear, and she never ignores the negative things to force herself to be happy. She also doesn’t ignore the negative aspects of herself. She knows who and what she is and she doesn’t try to change it. She is confident and strong and amazing.”
            Tobias is also still amazing, but sometimes the relationship problems between him and Tris annoyed me. Not so much so that it made the book bad, but I felt what Roth was trying to get me to feel: frustration, so I guess that’s good.
            There’s not much else I can say about this book because, as I said before, it left me speechless. So here I am, with little speech to give. But I must say that the ending was truly amazing and I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT BOOK AHHHHH I NEED IT NOW.

Divergent and Insurgent, as well as Veronica Roth, are amazing. 5 Smileys!

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