Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

When I heard the name of this book, I wanted to cringe. Guilty Pleasures. I mean, really? Could you name a book something sleazier than that? I don’t think so. Regardless of the name, it was actually quite a good book and it wasn't even dirty, either, though I heard it gets a lot worse, so beware if you continue on with the series. For the interest of keeping my mind pure, I don’t think I’ll continue on, but this first book was pretty entertaining.
            Meet Anita Blake: animator, vampire hunter, and overall badass. Recently, there have been a string of murders and the victims just happen to be of the vampiric nature. The most powerful master vampire, Nikolaos, wants to find out who the murderer is and stop his killing spree in its tracks. The only person that she trusts can find him is Anita. Now, Anita is less than willing to help her sworn enemies, the vampires, but the vampire master cajoles her into accepting a deal that she really can’t refuse. Along the way, Anita must pair up with unlikely friends to defeat the enemy that she never even saw coming.
            First, I shall talk about the writing. The writing for the first couple of pages was horrid. The sentences were short and simple and couldn’t hold my attention. I was about to give up on the book after the first five pages. Fortunately, I persevered and made it through the first couple pages and her writing gradually got better, as if she needed to warm up her writing skills. As the story continued, her prose flowed much more smoothly so that I was not cringing at the end of every sentence.
           Now, for the characters! Anita was pretty awesome. She could fight and still look pretty while she was kicking butt. She knew how to use weapons and she had a lot of connections with people in high places. Overall, she was one powerful girl, which I can appreciate. And Phillip. I know that Phillip was a stripper and supposedly a “bad guy” (at least at first), but I loved him. He reminded me of a little puppy and he was just adorable, so he was my favorite character. I also liked Jean-Claude, Anita’s new vampire “master” (it’s a long story), even though he isn’t really in the book all that much.
            I thought that the plot of Guilty Pleasures (ugh, that name! Why the heck would she ever choose that name for this book, it’s just terrible!) was intriguing. It was a mystery and I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out the mystery before Anita did, but it was still a good mystery because it took me a really long time to figure it out and I really didn’t see it coming.
            Well, that’s all I can think of to say about this book right now because it is 1:45 in the morning and I am tired. Have a fantabulous day/night! 

Guilty Pleasures (*shudder*) was an entertaining read! 4 Smileys!

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